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We believe a diverse range of talent and personality brings creative skills and ideas to the financing industry.

Runway Finance Group is a Canadian company that was founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who were dissatisfied with the financing options available to growing Canadian companies.

Our team members have experienced the day-to-day challenges of bootstrapping and the frustration of having our successes become our greatest challenges. We have also all persisted through the highly uncomfortable process of offering equity to investors (whose interests are not necessarily 100% aligned with those of the founders) for what amounts to working capital.

Runway Finance Group aims to be the best provider of non-dilutive working capital for growing companies in Canada. We offer senior secured debt with repayment options that are tailored to match our customers’ cash inflows and we don’t require equity.



What We Offer

Runway Finance Group offers flexible and customizable solutions for Canadian companies in need of working capital solutions. Typically, those solutions are centered on one of three things:

Refundable Tax Credits

Canada and its provinces offer a generous variety of refundable tax credit programs. In some cases, those programs run efficiently and quickly. In others, the timelines are challenging, particularly for growing companies with increasing cash-flow needs. Whether the tax credit is for digital media, scientific research and experimental development or film & television work, Runway Finance Group can help.

Awarded Grants

Canada and its provinces also offer a generous variety of grant programs with features such as matching funds, delayed repayment and conditional terms. In some cases, the delay between approval and receipt of funds from the granting agency can be a practical challenge for a growing company. Let Runway help you get airborne with your project while the paperwork gets processed.

Executed Contracts

Having a shortfall of working capital at the precise time you need to perform and succeed is simply not acceptable. Whether you’re a film/tv production company with a distribution contract and a budget shortfall, a technology company with a firm order and a hefty initial payment to your supplier, or a services company with a firm recurring revenue contract, please consider Runway Finance Group to help you execute.

If your company does not have any of the above, then please contact us with an outline of your situation. Please note, however, that Runway Finance Group is not an equity investor and not a venture-capital firm. Runway Finance Group provides senior secured debt, which debt is secured against assets, usually the three types of assets listed above.


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